Existing nZEB business models

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Existing nZEB business models

This report summarizes activities and results of Workpackge 5, nZEB Business Models of the Horizon2020 CRAVEzero project.

 The overall aim of this work package is to screen the European markets for interesting already existing business models for nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs) and the general market-uptake potential in the major markets. Moreover, the collected business models are examined in terms of how they can be characterised and what makes them successful. This knowledge builds a reliable basis for the generation of new business models. Innovative and reliable business models are needed in order to speed-up the market uptake of nZEBs. They will give reliable information and profitability for all stakeholders involved along a building’s life cycle. They make investments more secure by reducing uncertainties.

In the past report “D.5.1 Typology canvas of business models” the term business model and its underlying logic has been introduced. Moreover, a business model repository has been given. It showed 17 different nZEB related business models belonging to the partners of the CRAVEzero project. The detailed descriptions are giving possible examples for business ideas in different phases along nZEBs’ life cycles and from various possible stakeholder perspectives. This work, as an extension of the previous one, aims to illustrate nZEB business models found in all major European markets and life cycle phases such as the political decision making, urban planning, building planning and construction, operation, facility management, maintenance, recycling, re-use etc.

On the website of the project (www.cravezero.eu/development-of-new-business-models/) interested stakeholders involved with nZEBs can find inspiration and facts about what makes these business models successful. Based on that, business models can be adjusted, innovative business models can be developed or business model packages, consisting of two combined business models can be created to make them more efficient and profitable.


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