ePANACEA How can national EPC schemes be linked with the Smart Readiness Indicator?

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ePANACEA How can national EPC schemes be linked with the Smart Readiness Indicator?

Buildings are dynamic environments that have an impact on the comfort and health of its occupants. Latest data-technologies are enabling further capabilities such as the interaction with the occupants or the surrounding built environment.

While the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is the scheme of reference to assess building energy performance, the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is conceived as a new common European assessment scheme to evaluate the readiness of a building to provide services to the occupants of the building, the smart operation and maintenance of the building, and its interactions with the grid. The SRI can be implemented as a standalone instrument, but many of its characteristics make it highly complementary to the EPC, providing added value and enlarging its scope. In this report, ePANACEA investigates the possibilities for a successful implementation of a combined EPC-SRI approach.

From the above-mentioned work, there proves to be a clear need for
(1) favourable cost-benefits analyses showing that the benefits outweigh the increase in cost,
(2) proper and user-friendly communication with the broad public including, but not limited to the additional value offered by the approach,
(3) a real opening for new market opportunities linked to the integration of the new data technologies in the assessment, creating business models for current and future stakeholders and
(4) digitalisation of the services, eventually leading to an increased accessibility to information – in line with the development of digital building logbooks. 

The report is available at https://epanacea.eu/2021/05/31/guidelines-on-how-national-epc-schemes-and-the-sri-could-be-linked/

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