ePANACEA 1st REBs conclusion report – Minutes of Meetings of the 5 Regional Exploitation Boards (REBs)

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ePANACEA 1st REBs conclusion report – Minutes of Meetings of the 5 Regional Exploitation Boards (REBs)

Regional Exploitation Board members discussed new and innovative features identified in the ePANACEA report “Implementation of innovative Certification Schemes”, and their potential for inclusion in the next generation of energy performance assessment. The five technologies (BACS; EV battery & EV charging infrastructure; Collective self-consumption; Centralised heat pump; Cooperant at an energy community) presented in the report “Inventory of smart and novel technologies” were prioritised, and the new EPC layout proposed by ePANACEA was explained and commented.

Following the successful launch of ePANACEA’s 5 Regional Exploitation Boards (REB) in the period November – December 2020, this document summarises the discussions and main findings of relevant meetings. In total, 48 highly relevant institutions with 52 representatives from 23 different countries discussed innovative features, smart and novel technologies and increasing the EPC user friendliness.

The Regional Exploitation Boards (REBs) represent an important pillar of PANACEA. They are composed of key regional European stakeholders, as well as consumer associations, building products manufacture associations, professional associations, etc. and through them the project aims to establish a fluent dialogue with different European stakeholders with special focus on national/regional policy makers and certification bodies, which are directly involved in the implementation of the different EPC schemes and are responsible for energy regulations development in their own regions/countries. The report is available at  https://epanacea.eu/2021/01/15/2703/

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