Energiesprong is looking for net zero energy partners @ Futurebuild London

Energiesprong is looking for net zero energy partners @ Futurebuild London

Visit our stand, get inspired, meet, learn and connect! 
March 5-7 in London
Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new build standard funding approach originated in the Netherlands. Thanks to front-running housing providers, suppliers and EU funding, there is an emerging market for Energiesprong net zero energy homes in the UK. Emily Braham from Energiesprong UK says: “We have 256 demonstrators with 9 social housing providers; we foresee commitments for the next wave of 1000+ homes signed with 9 housing providers managing over 130,000 homes, a pipeline of 23 social housing providers, three new suppliers contracted and one already industrialising.”
It´s clear -  Energiesprong UK is here to stay and to expand. Therefore we are looking for frontrunners who would like to create and collaborate to build and design net zero energy retrofit packages.
Desirable, warm and comfortable homes for life at zero extra costs. It’s possible!
The Energiesprong net zero energy standard provides modern and comfortable homes that people love to live in. Each home produces enough energy for its heating, hot water and appliances. Money that would have been spent on energy bills and maintenance funds the improvement. The cost of living doesn’t go up because real-life performance for energy use and indoor comfort is guaranteed for up to 30 years. A complete home makeover should take less than 10 days and has been done in as little as a day.
Martin Hurn, Managing Director of Futurebuild Events Ltd, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Energiesprong to Futurebuild 2019. Our vision is to truly bring innovation to the heart of the event, and Energiesprong is a perfect example of innovate products and thinking being used to help meet the targets of the Government’s Clean Growth Grand Challenge – a topic we’ll be exploring in more detail at the event. Energiesprong has a fantastic stand in the Energy Hub and its expertise will invaluable for our visitors.”
Meet us at stand F200
At our stand F200 at Futurebuild, funded by INTERREG NWEENGIE and Melius Homes, you can meet Energiesprong experts and two UK front running net zero energy solution providers: Melius Homes and ENGIE. They participated in the first Energiesprong projects in the UK, co-funded by the European Union. Nottingham City Homes together with Melius Homes started with 10 demonstrators, funded by Horizon2020 in 2017. They are now working on another pilot of 17 homes funded by INTERREG NWE, which marks the first phase of a rollout to 155 homes in 2019. Melius Homes is already industrialising, by delivering pre-fabricated insulated walls and smarter plug and play installations with real-time monitoring on energy generation and consumption.
Rob Lambe, Managing Director of Melius Homes says: “Energiesprong is totally different to normal retrofits, using a truly innovative approach. We are really pleased to be at the forefront of this, working with Nottingham City Homes to transform their existing stock and improve the lives of their tenants”.
ENGIE, a European market player and Energiesprong partner, are delivering their first net zero homes in Maldon as we speak, also funded by INTERREG NWE.
Andy Merrin, Head of Energy and Innovation at Engie says: "The Energiesprong approach is a good fit for ENGIE. We want our customers to benefit from a lower carbon, more efficient, digital world. We want to innovate, to transform neighbourhoods and to deliver a reliable supply of renewable energy.”
Melius Homes, ENGIE, and members of the Energiesprong UK team are happy to share their experiences and inform you about the possibilities to step into a growing net zero energy market for retrofit and new build.
Learn, discuss and get inspired at our INTERREG NWE E=0 closing event 
At Futurebuild, you are also invited to join our E=0 closing event funded by INTERREG NWE on 7 March 11.00-12.30 in the central networking area (C140) in the Knowledge Forum area of the conference hall. A special 1.5 hour programme features short presentations by international experts from housing organisations and solution providers sharing their own unique perspectives on delivering an Energiesprong retrofit project. This is an opportunity to learn about Energiesprong pilots in France and the UK supported by funding from INTERREG NWE’s E=0.
Join a growing movement
In 2019-20 we aim to broker commitments from housing providers and suppliers to scale up to thousands of net zero energy home retrofits. To make this work, we need your help. We need more organisations to recognise and act now to demand net zero energy retrofits and new builds to be ready for 2050. We will be inviting more front-running housing providers and contractors to sign up to a collective commitment to bring more homes up to net zero energy standard in the UK. Join us.
By the way, we are hiring!
Because we’re growing, Energiesprong UK is looking for a supply chain expert to support solution providers with developing net zero energy packages that are affordable and desirable, to create homes that people love to live in. Please email our colleague Jon Warren for more details:  [email protected]
Energiesprong UK is part of the international Energiesprong movement
Energiesprong is faciliated by independent Market Development Teams that intervene in the market by creating demand for this standard, increasing and improving supply capabilities, and tuning policy, regulation and finance to make a viable path to scale. By brokering large volume deals we create the momentum needed for stakeholders to act simultaneously. This creates a viable market to entice suppliers to invest in digital off-site manufacturing. Mass customisation and industrialisation are the key. We have Market Development Teams in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New York State, and the UK. The Dutch have delivered close to 10,000 refurbishments and new builds and project to double that in 2019. The French have delivered the first homes and have commitments for 6,500 more. Cities across the world recognise the Energiesprong opportunity. Learn more at www.energiesprong.org

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