ENEFIRST webinar "Energy Efficiency First in practice: implementing integrated approaches"

ENEFIRST webinar


On 28 September 2021, the European Commission published a new recommendation and guidelines entitled “Energy Efficiency First: from principles to practice”. This webinar will complement these new resources with two examples from Croatia and Sweden, discussing how implementing Energy Efficiency First (EE1st, or similar concepts) is about adopting more integrated approaches, respectively for investment decisions and for local energy planning.

This webinar will also present the latest outputs from the ENEFIRST project that provides implementation maps and policy guidelines to support the design and implementation of integrated approaches for EE1st.

Last but not least, an overview of how Member States are implementing EE1st will be presented from the brand new EE1st facility of the ODYSSEE-MURE project.

Ahead of this webinar, you can already have a look at examples from Ireland and UK presented at the first ENEFIRST webinar, and from France and the US at the second ENEFIRST webinar.



Who should attend?

Policymakers, experts, engineers, researchers and consultants, development managers and sustainability professionals who want to know more about the EE1st principle, why and how it can be implemented.

Why attend?

You will gain insights into the application of the EE1st principle through practical examples, in particular:

What policy approaches can be used to implement EE1st?

Why and how to adopt integrated approaches in line with the EE1st principle?

What can the EE1st principle change in the design and implementation of investment schemes?

What can the EE1st principle change in energy planning?



15:00 Opportunities for the implementation of EE1st in practice: Integrated policy approaches in energy planning and investment schemes for buildings  – Janne Rieke Boll, BPIE

15:20 Case study 1:  The national renovation programme in Croatia: reducing the heat demand before replacing the heating system – Vesna Bukarica, EIHP (Croatian Energy Institute)

15:40 Case study 2: The Swedish experience with local energy planning: implementing the energy hierarchy in Gothenburg – Lars Holmquist, Göteborg Energi

16:00 The new ODYSSEE indicator to assess the implementation of EE1st: overview for 14 countries – Matthias Reuter, Fraunhofer ISI

16:20 Open discussion about the challenges in implementing EE1st

16:30 End

More information on the event page.

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