EmBuild training materials on driving renovation at local levels

Through sound building renovation measures citizens can reap countless benefits: lower energy bills, increased comfort, healthier living and working spaces, improved air quality and more local jobs. EmBuild supports public authorities in South East Europe to develop forward-looking building local renovation strategies. EmBuild works with local actors - in Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia – on new tools, better processes and therefore higher capacity in local governments is developed to design ambitious, but realistic renovation strategies. The public sector is set to lead by example and assume a pioneer role to drive deep energy renovations! 

The project is successful, if the EmBuild focus municipalities have produced solid renovation strategies for their building stock and became the front-runners for other municipalities across partner regions who follow up their example.

During the first months of the project several key documents were developed. 

One report presents possible measures for improving the investment climate at local level. It includes measures of a more general nature as well as country-specific recommendations. The main objective of this document is to present existing and/or innovative approaches/mechanisms/scenarios for active involvement of stakeholders at public level and to facilitate and stimulate application of such measures in practice. 

A survey was also undertaken to examine the fields of interest of public officers as well as their knowledge of energy efficiency regulations, understanding of the impacts of energy efficiency measures and interest for EmBuild project activities.

Lastly, a guide for local energy efficiency practitioners - such as energy managers, energy officers, other experts - was developed in order to support their work in convincing other stakeholders of the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures. 

Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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