EIT Climate-KIC launches Call for Proposals to support post-COVID-19 green recovery

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EIT Climate-KIC launches Call for Proposals to support post-COVID-19 green recovery

EIT Climate-KIC’s ‘Extraordinary Post COVID-19 Regeneration Call 2020’ will select projects and programmes with the potential to restructure and regenerate our economies in the wake of the pandemic and in anticipation of future climate, ecological and health crises. Proposed activities must deliver clear outputs by the end of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic is borderless. Despite collective efforts to constrain the spread of the virus, it has affected societies, economies, and millions of people around the globe. Beyond the dramatic healthcare crisis caused by the virus, many countries are facing a shock to their economy. This unprecedented challenge comes with significant socioeconomic consequences and many experts, including the IMF, are anticipating a shock to economies tougher than any crisis since the 1930s Great Depression. 

“The impacts of the pandemic on the economy, businesses and workers calls for a strong coordinated economic response. Now is our chance to correct course. EIT Climate-KIC is therefore supporting the call for a European Green Recovery, which asks for a reboot of the economy,” says Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC.

This crisis demonstrates the importance of investing in systemic resilience through systemic change. As part of our own response to the pandemic, today we launch our Extraordinary Post COVID-19 Regeneration Call 2020. The aim of this call is to support programmes and projects that have the potential to address the impacts of the current crisis and/or to build resilience to future crises.

We’re looking for innovation activities in the following priority areas: 

  • Circular economy across policy, finance, education, entrepreneurship and innovation to change whole systems from linear to circular
  • Transformation of the built environment in cities requires innovation to explore the interactions between energy, water, clean mobility and distributed energy technologies as well as the appropriate supportive financing models and policy changes that also actively support communities and citizen engagement
  • Financial systems to deploy public and private capital in support of climate resilient, safe and sustainable communities

Given the devastating impact of the pandemic on jobs, we’ll prioritise projects that have a high potential impact on job creation, prosperity, economic regeneration and wellbeing. 

To align with our systemic approach, innovation activities are sought that have a clear focus on the challenges created by the pandemic, coupled with clear objectives to support a just and people-centred transition towards a net-zero-carbon, circular economy. We’re encouraging approaches focusing on advanced resilience and adaptation impacts, and we’ll reward projects working on the regeneration of economies through new job creation and co-benefits that support a just transformation and the advancement of digitalisation. 



Due to the urgent nature of the challenge, we’re operating on a compressed timeframe, using a two-stage approach:

Stage 1: Deadlines for submission of Expression of Interest, 22 May 2020 (17:00 CET)  

Stage 2: Deadlines for submission of Full Proposal, 12 June 2020 (17:00 CET) 

As selected projects must deploy funding and deliver clear outputs by the end of 2020, we’ll prioritise programmes and projects that have the maturity level to grow and scale fast, create jobs, and that build on and complement our existing portfolio of work.  



Step 1: Please read the Call Description and Guidelines document carefully and start to shape your Expressions of Interest as soon as possible to meet the quick turnaround. 

Step 2: Submit Expressions of Interest or Full Proposals through our electronic platform Plaza

Note that in order to submit a proposal, you must be registered on Plaza. If you don’t have access yet, please register well in advance of the deadline. Any registrations received less than five working days prior to the deadline may not be processed in time.



All the details you need are available in the Call Description and Guidelines document on our website.   

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Desk at [email protected].


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