Eco-friendly design trends in multifamily construction

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Eco-friendly design trends in multifamily construction

Many eco-friendly design trends in multifamily construction can contribute to a more sustainable environment. Multifamily construction refers to buildings like duplexes and apartment buildings where multiple families reside separately within the same building.

Eco-friendly design trends can be utilized during construction to help the environment and attract more buyers. Greener remodeling is an asset to society and is becoming increasingly common in searches for potential residences. These environmentally friendly tips can also be used in other buildings and personal dwellings.


Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters can be installed to be more energy efficient during the building process. Tankless water heaters heat the amount of water you need when you need it, rather than heating water constantly. These water heaters take up less space than traditional water heaters and can be used for other purposes. They work fast and don’t require ventilation. Heat pumps are also an eco-friendly alternative to conventional water heaters.


Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more of a necessity with the rise in electric car sales. Making them more widely available will perhaps sway renters to be more eco-friendly in their car purchasing decisions. Most charging stations for electric vehicles are found at gas stations and hotels.

A few options are available for electric vehicle charging stations at your building, from a basic outlet to a direct current. Your building could be in charge of the charging station or you could hire a third party for installation and its expenses. Building guests could have access to your charging stations or you could limit its use to residents only. These factors rest on the shoulders of the building owners and operators.


Eco-friendly flooring

Eco-friendly flooring options vary depending on what type of flooring your building requires. Multifamily construction can benefit from eco-friendly flooring options by creating a more sustainable design for their tenants and the environment. Hardwood and tile are not sustainable options for flooring.

Sustainable flooring options also improve the air quality within homes. There are multiple eco-friendly flooring options based on the needs of your target market tenants. You could use bamboo flooring, cork flooring, linoleum, or some recycled materials for your multifamily construction.



Cargotecture is a trend that is on the rise due to the incredible benefits it provides. Cargotecture is the process of using recycled shipping containers to build homes. Shipping containers are typically thrown away, but they have a practical use in sustainable construction.

Containers are durable and provide more strength to the structure of houses than average building elements. Shipping containers are valuable materials that are versatile, inexpensive, and easily accessible. Cargotecture is being implemented in various types of construction to aid in a more sustainable environment.


Non-toxic materials

Non-toxic materials can assist in multifamily construction that aims to be more eco-friendly. Typical construction materials contain harsh chemicals and solvents that can harm the environment.

Formaldehyde is found in plywood, particle board, and pressed wood products. Adhesives, paints, and stains release harmful chemicals into the air. By using non-toxic materials like non-toxic woods and VOC-free paints and finishes, you can make your multifamily building as healthy and eco-friendly as possible.


Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring can help multifamily construction test their materials and their impact on their building. Energy modeling software programs test home design changes and how they apply to utility bills and HVAC equipment.

Programs like REM/Design and EnergyGauge USA use blower-door and duct-blaster tests for these assessments. Home energy audits are making their way into city regulations for building codes to test for these. Reducing energy consumption is vital to a greener environment and cuts costs on energy bills to help tenants.


Energy-efficient exteriors

Eco-friendly exteriors that aren’t Cargotecture can still aid in a greener environment. Commercial sunshades can reduce energy consumption in areas that need it. Solar shingles on roofs can decrease the rising cost of energy and make the building more sustainable. Wind turbines added to communities can help with energy savings as well.

Energy efficiency is an increasingly popular trend that can help the environment and consumers. From tenants to contractors, saving energy cuts costs and provides cleaner air for more sustainable living.


Eco-friendly trends in multifamily development

Eco-friendly design trends can be utilized in the construction industry and personal home improvement projects. Using environmentally friendly decorating techniques can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills. Multifamily construction is not the only benefactor of eco-friendly design trends, but it is necessary to build a greener environment.

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