Don't Forget Solar Backsheet- Crucial Solar Module

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Don't Forget Solar Backsheet- Crucial Solar Module

We all are mindful of the solar energy that we receive from the solar panel unit. With the world going "green" more and more people have now started installing solar panels on the roof of a commercial and residential structure. The question is, why not? The solar energy is the new power key to have clean energy in the future. 

The solar panel offers abundant advantages which can fancy us. Solar energy comes from the natural source of energy that is the sun, which means it is not going to exhaust for the next million years, in the effect of the research conducted. Also, it does not leave any carbon emissions, nor does it have any dependency on any external harmful factors, unlike other fuels. This saves the environment from all the hazardous factors and helps us live a healthy life. It also reduces the electricity bill as we will be using a natural source of energy, we don't have to pay a cent to the power grid for using electricity. This will save your pocket. Also, the panels do not cost much in installation and easy maintenance.

However, to take complete advantage of the solar panel, it is necessary to maintain the high performance of the panels in all the seasons. This can be best achieved by protecting all the components of the solar panel.  One such important part to enhance the performance of the solar panel is solar backsheet. 

But, what is solar backsheet and why it is important in solar Pv panel?

A solar backsheet, it the second last layer of the solar panel and is typically made of a polymer or combination of polymers.

Why do we need solar backsheet in the solar panel?

Solar backsheet plays an important role in the performance of the solar panel. A poor quality backsheet can degrade the performance, can cause system degradation, and will cost us additional maintenance. Therefore, it is very crucial to contact top-notch solar backsheet manufacturers such as Vishakha Renewables.

The quality backsheet of Vishakha Renewables protect the panel from:

  • Ultra-violet radiation.
  • Humidity and vapor penetration.
  • Other harmful pollutants such as dust, wind, dryness, and harmful chemicals.

The backsheet offered by the Vishakha Renewables ensures high durability, provides excellent moisture and has superior electric insulation. Their innovative production technology empowers us to rely on the Vishakha Renewables for the manufacturing top-notch backsheet for solar modules.

Vishakha Renewables specializes in manufacturing the backsheet for solar panel. They keep endeavoring keen interest in the latest technology and tactics to produce the best quality of products in the category of backsheet and EVA encapsulant. The team deals with multiple facets of manufacturing, such as high barrier packaging, injection moulded products, and drip irrigation systems.  The company's high-grade comprehensive services are commendable.

When we talk about solar backsheet manufacturer, Vishakha Renewables, a company based in Ahmedabad in unbeatable. Their backsheet not only protect and boost the performance of the panels but also increases the life of the panel. Their cutting-edge services will leave no space for disappointment. They strictly adhere to protocols of manufacturing excellent quality products to their esteemed customers. Vishakha is backed with a dedicated team who share the journey with us and smoothly resolves all our concerns. Hence, it makes them capable enough to deliver their products worldwide.

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