Discover newsletter #12 of D2Grids project!

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Discover newsletter #12 of D2Grids project!

With only a few months left before the project comes to an end, find the March newsletter dealing with recent key information and outputs.

We can now say that D2Grids project’s main target has been met since its beginning: a standardised generic heating and cooling loop model has been defined, experimented and assessed. This model maximises the share of recycled and renewable energy.

Dear readers, now is the time for you to learn more about the know-how, knowledge, tools, and feedback developed by D2Grids project since its creation in 2018.

Join us on 19 April at the CentraleSupélec engineering school, on the Paris-Saclay campus in France, for a day dedicated to heating and cooling grids, where 5th generation district heating and cooling will be in the spotlights!

On the agenda of this newsletter:

• Save the date: know-it-all about 5GDHC and how these innovative grids will be key to decarbonise heating and cooling, on 19/04/23 in Paris, CentraleSupélec.

• Be inspired by our 5GDHC pioneers:

• Keep learning about 5GDHC concept with:

• Finally, broaden your horizons thanks to:

The newsletter is available in three languages:

  • Read the newsletter in English
  • Read the newsletter in French
  • Read the newsletter in Dutch​​​​

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