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Discover Green Hysland

GREEN HYSLAND is a 5-year project financed by the H2020 programme and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking which started in 2021. It aims to deploy a fully-functioning Hydrogen (H2) ecosystem in the island of Mallorca, Spain, turning the island into Europe’s first H2 hub in Southern Europe, and providing Europe with a blueprint for decarbonization of island economies.

In Mallorca, Green Hysland will produce green hydrogen from solar energy and delivering it to the end users, such as the island’s tourism, transport, industry and energy sectors, including gas grid injection for green heat and power local end-use.

The project will also deliver a roadmap towards 2050 that compiles a long-term vision for the development of a widespread H2 economy in Mallorca and the Balearic Region, in line with the environmental objectives set for 2050. The development of replication experiences and business models are foreseen in five other EU islands (Madeira – PT, Tenerife – ES, Aran – IE, Greek Islands and Ameland – NL) and beyond (Chile and Morocco).

Today, we are proud to launch the project website where you can already find many resources: the description of the project, its pilot sites and partners, but also:

  • information on how to replicate the pilot project in other islands and territories;
  • A list of frequently asked questions related to the project and hydrogen technologies;
  • The H2 HYSLAND Hub including all projects, initiatives and organisations who have joined the GREEN HYSLAND EU Coalition for Hydrogen deployment in Islands, led by FEDARENE;
  • Interesting news, events and publications related to green hydrogen production and islands’ decarbonisation;
  • and much more!

Visit the Green Hysland website

This website is meant to become a wide online and interactive platform for exchange on green hydrogen development and decarbonisation of islands so make sure to pay us a visit regularly to be aware of the latest project developments and news on H2 and green islands.

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