Designing a mobility strategy for energy

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Designing a mobility strategy for energy

A plain English guide to Smart Sector Integration

Please note that this article was originally published here by Adrian Hiel, responsible for EU Policy & Communications at Energy Cities

What’s the first thing you do when developing a mobility plan for a city? You look at a map. Lots of maps, ideally. You look at the departure points, destination points, flows, bottlenecks, projections for the future and try to come up with a way to smooth everything out as much as possible, as quickly as possible and for as little investment as possible.

The same is true for energy – in this case – heating and cooling.


When we talk about ‘How to design smart sector integration’ what we are really trying to do is come up with a mobility plan for energy.

 Where do we have excess energy? Whether from data centres, industry or supermarkets? Next, where do we need heat? In homes, businesses, schools, transport, etc. And what other local potential sources of energy and energy storage exist that could be (...) Read more


Article published on Euroheat&Power

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