CUBE 2020 first summer’s rankings : contest’s effectiveness is confirmed

As the “Tour de France” pack of cyclists just biked the first kilometres of the race, here is a first picture of the 236 public and private commercial buildings that took the start in the 2017 Contest for better Use and Building Efficiency CUBE 2020. In the end of April, after four months of efforts, the candidates cumulate 3.2% of annual energy savings (that is to say a prospect of 10% by the end of the year) and 3.3% of greenhouse gas reductions. A dozen candidates passed 10% threshold. 

In the TOP 20, the leader is a POSTE IMMO building located in the French town of Laxou (Eastern France). But let’s underline the very good score of the Corsican energy agency ADEME, that reaches the 2nd rank with 14.5% of cumulated energy savings, closely followed by ENEDIS and EDF buildings.

As for private companies, BNP Paribas (MERIGNAC Kennedy) ranks 16th with 7.5% and the ORANGE shops make an excellent start with around 7% of energy savings. GENERALI Real Estate and Credit AGRICOLE Immobilier (Montrouge Campus) enter the “Greenhouse gas emissions” TOP 20.

State-owned buildings are well represented too, with the Direction Départementale Interministérielle de Valenciennes (10.9%) and the CSTB in Champ-sur-Marne (8,5%). Regional and local authorities stand out from the peloton with the good scores of the city of Angers, the city of Cugnaux, and the high-school Lycée des Métiers Eugène Freyssinet in Saint-Brieuc.

Last but not least, a good surprise: the Château Rouge Residence of Lerichemont group, the only collective housing building involved in the competition, makes an outstanding 10.7% in April.

Of course, these first rankings give no reliable indication to guess who will be the final winners of the CUBE 2020 contest in each category. The competition is still wide open!

Great number of participating buildings in this third edition allowed the organizer (French Institute for Building Performance, IFPEB) and its partners to organize local meetings for the candidates everywhere in France. In the Hauts de France region, Lyon and metropolis, Toulouse, Bordeaux and in the Pays de la Loire region, local candidates and other commercial buildings’ owners had the opportunity to share their experience and best practices. Who will run the greatest team in the 4th edition of the contest beginning in 2018? The Hauts de France region? The city of Lyon?

CUBE2020 demonstrates again how relevant it is: every building, by deploying eco gestures, better building management and operation, and providing an entertaining competition between the candidates, can reach easily and cost effectively up to 10 to 15% of energy savings.

For sure, the buildings that will join the 4th edition on July, 1st 2018 will be on their path to reach the National French goals of reducing by 25% their energy consumption, and at least the European goals of 20% by 2020.

Discover the first rankings in the press release.
Find out all the information about the contest:

Moderated by : Siham GHALEM-TANI

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