[Conference] - 5th generation for heating and cooling grids: Let's meet on May 12th 2022!

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[Conference] - 5th generation for heating and cooling grids: Let's meet on May 12th 2022!

Digital, controllable, intelligent, low-temperature, multi-sources, optimised storage... the terms used to describe the latest generation of heating and cooling grids are numerous and illustrate the wide range of actions now possible with these facilities.

These grids, known as "5th generation" or 5GDHC, are designed to be more closely integrated into the development of the urban space in which they operate. They allow for efficiency and control as close as possible to the needs of consumers. Far from traditional grids operating in a static way with a centralized source and high temperatures, 5th generation grids are designed with a greater diversity of sources and a use of low temperature to promote efficiency and resource optimisation.

5th generation grids also require a rethinking of the contractual relationship with subscribers: the subscriber is not content with just receiving heat, but also intervenes in the management of decentralised production. This active role of the consumer, coupled with greater digitisation of delivery stations, leads to greater attention to the use of the energy delivered.

By linking the production/distribution of energy with its use, 5th generation networks can be truly integrated into buildings. Although they require specific skills to be managed in an appropriate way, many successful examples are paving the way.

This conference will share several illustrations of how to think and develop effectively on a territory a grid of this kind. We will partly focus on the optimisation resulting from this new type of concept, both in the creation of the grid and in its day-to-day operation thanks to all the participants at the roundtable.


Introduction to 5GDHC grids

  • Mathilde Henry, Project Manager at Greenflex
  • Guillaume Perrin, Deputy Head of the Energy Transition Department at FNCCR

Example of the 5GDHC grid in Paris-Saclay, France: innovative demand side management demonstrator

  • Nicolas Eyraud, Project Director of the Paris-Saclay heating and cooling network

Example of the 5GDHC grid in Brunssum, The Netherlands

  • Herman Eijdems, Innovation Director at Mijnwater Energy B.V

Example of the ectogrid grid in Lund, Sweden

  • Helen Carlström, Senior Manager Growth & Sales at E.ON Infrastructure Solutions

Question and answer session

This conference will be followed by a serious game on the implementation of a heating and cooling network, as well as a visit to the 5GDHC network on the Paris-Saclay plateau, a pilot site for the D2GRIDS project.

For more information, please consult the detailed programme of the day!

Register for the conference

This conference is organised in the frame of Paris-Saclay Spring event, where all those involved in innovation, research, science, and economic development are coming together to showcase scientific excellence and the best of technological innovation where it occurs on a daily on a daily basis. Investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, R&D directors... At the heart of this world-class scientific and technological cluster, come and take the pulse of innovation!

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