[Book] Circular Economy : From Waste Reduction to Value Creation

Due to the challenges of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and an increase in inequality, it has become necessary for us to change our habits and to embrace what some might call a “Copernican revolution”. This collaborative book argues that the best facilitator of this, through reworking the affected systems, is the circular economy.

Circular Economy - Volume 3

From Waste Reduction to Value Creation

Coordinated by Faten Ben Bouheni - Edited by Karen Delchet-Cochet


The circular economy has been the subject of many debates, but all too often it is reduced to the topic of waste management, or it is considered in a piecemeal fashion, without the acknowledgement of its effects as a whole.

As such, this book aims to shed light on certain arguments by repositioning resources and the environment as major issues, while considering the implications for actors, organizations and numerous sectors. It was edited by Karen Delchet-Cochet and coordinated by Faten Ben Bouheni and includes reflections and proposals made by experts – environmentalists, town planners, management scientists... Among others : Christian Brodhag - President of Construction21 or Anne de Béthencourt - Reset The World. 


Divided into three parts, this third edition of Circular Economy  analyses actors' implication in this non lineal economic model and examines the opinions of researchers, company consultants, and local actors and institutions. At a time when companies are experimenting in the field of the circular economy and States are legislating on this topic, we demonstrate how crucial it is to bring together experts from different disciplines in order to achieve a rounded and complete perspective.  

  • The company, its functions and innovative business models.
  • The institutional, legislative and normative framework
  • Some sectors of activity with the prism of the circular economy

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About the author

Karen Delchet-Cochet is an environmentalist specializing in sustainable development, environmental issues and the circular economy, within business. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and has written many articles on the circular economy, responsible purchasing, and the integration of corporate social responsibility in business strategies. She has worked as a consultant and a project head, and is a teacher-researcher at ISC Paris Business School, France. Since 2015, she has been the head of their Lab of Pedagogical Innovation.

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  • Christian Brodhag

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