Can Portabella Cultural Centre

“The visibility provided by the Green Solutions Awards, and being selected among the best projects gives us an interesting and positive professional prestige,” says architect Josep Bunyesc

Can Portabella project of Bunyesc Arquitectes participated in the 2017 edition of the Green Solutions Awards and was a national winner in the category Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize. The architect Josep Bunyesc presents this award-winning building and its sustainable solutions, which are based on the use of materials with low environmental impact. and the reduction of the consumption of resources, preserving the facades and the roof on the ground floor of the Can Portabella cultural centre.

1. In the field of construction, what main characteristics and values ​​define Bunyesc Arquitectes?

We perform new construction projects or rehabilitations which allow having comfortable and healthy buildings with almost no energy use and cost.

2. So let us start at the beginning, how did the project come about and why did you choose a sustainable initiative?

As a universal principle, if we can achieve our aim with fewer resources, we must do it. Otherwise, we will be on a wrong path that will end up being deselected by the same process of evolution. Our goal is to build comfortable buildings for the user, while reducing the consumption of material and energy resources.

3. With respect to the materials, systems, and processes, among others, what are the implemented solutions to contribute to sustainable development?

We use materials of natural origin such as wood thus activating the bioeconomy of its surroundings. We also use good insulators that reduce energy losses and a photovoltaic system that generates the necessary energy that the building needs to work.

4. During the whole process, what challenges have you faced? Does the result match the initial expectations?

Considering that Can Portabella is a public building, the first challenge was to convince the administration that certain things should be done differently, with distinct materials and spending the budget on some parts and not on others. Without any doubt, the result exceeds expectations. The building, now in use and with real data measurements, captures more photovoltaic energy than the energy it takes from the grid. This is a great achievement in a renovated building with a standard budget.

5. Are you currently working on another similar project?

For some years we have understood that all our projects have to be very efficient. At the moment, we are already working with positive buildings that generate more energy than they consume. It is a reality and it is economically feasible. We are convinced that this dynamic will be imposed in a short time.

6. What has the participation in the last edition of the Green Solutions Awards meant to Bunyesc Arquitectes?

The visibility provided by the Green Solutions Awards, and being selected among the best projects gives us an interesting and positive professional prestige.


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Moderated by : Guillaume Aichelmann

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