[Call for papers] Sustainable cities in Africa - special Dossier on Construction21 France

[Call for papers] Sustainable cities in Africa - special Dossier on Construction21 France

Construction21, social media for the building industry and sustainable cities , is producing a dossier entitled « Africa, sustainable cities » in collaboration with the association France Ville Durable and Serpe. It will be devoted to solutions for the African sustainable city. The Dossier will be published in May 2020 on Construction21 France and, in a few months, on the new platform Construction21 West Africa.

Are you an expert or professional who has developed solutions for sustainable buildings, cities or infrastructures adapted to the African context? Do you propose a training offer to accompany the expected change of scale? Contribute to this dossier to share your expertise, your feedback and make your solutions and training courses known! 

The Dossier will be published in French on Construction21 France. Papers in English will be translated by Construction21 team  and published both on Construction21 France and on Construction21 international. The articles will also be published on Construction21’s new West African Platform In the coming months.

About the Dossier

Africa is at the heart of climate, social and economic challenges. Today, 1 in 6 people live in Africa, and by 2050, the continent could account for a quarter of the world's population. 

Building inclusive African cities that are resilient and sustainable while answering to development needs is therefore a major challenge.

How can we build the African cities of tomorrow? What tools are needed to mobilize and build the capacity of African professionals? Buildings, cities, urban services, training, etc. Buildings, cities, urban services, training, etc.: today, solutions exist and are already being put in place to meet these challenges. 

Construction21 offers you an overview of projects, solutions and training that are the precursors of tomorrow's African cities through this special report.

Thematics adressed

  • Resilient city
  • Sustainable and affordable building
  • Mobility
  • Access to essential services, water and waste management

Communication & publication

With more than 200,000 views in 2019, the « Dossiers Construction21 », published on the French platform are becoming increasingly popular. The dossier « Africa, sustainable city », will bring together some 20 publications and will be published from 4 May 2020. 

The dossier will receive special media coverage: front page headlines on Construction21, social network campaigns, press releases, a special programme on Batiradio (French radio dedicated to building professionals), etc. All the case studies describing exemplary buildings, neighbourhoods or infrastructures will also be included in the Construction21 newsletters. 

This event is part of the dynamics of the Africa-France 2020 Summit, which is resolutely focused on sharing solutions for sustainable cities. 

Contents of the dossier 

The dossier, consisting of some 20 publications, will be published progressively on Construction21 France for over a period of two to three weeks.

2 possible formats :

1.Article (5,000 - 10,000 characters including spaces)

2.Case studies (to be referenced in our databases of buildings, neighbourhoods or infrastructures) 

3.Professional training sessions (to be referenced in the training database of Construction21) 


  • Article proposals : March, 31st
  • Full articles sent to Construction21 : April, 10th
  • Publication onConstruction21 : May 4-15th

How to participate?

Would you like to participate in this dossier? Contact us  with your topic proposal before March 24th!

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