Call for papers – 2020 World Sustainable Energy Days

Call for papers – 2020 World Sustainable Energy Days

What are the World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED)?

The new Clean Energy Package is changing Europe‘s energy markets. “Energy efficiency first” and “global leadership in renewables” are at the core of Europe’s commitment to a clean energy transition. This requires strong policies, competitive businesses, technology innovation and investments. The WSED conference adress policies, innovation and business in specialised conferences and interactive events. It connects people from business, the public sector and research and empowers them to embrace the change.

Who attends the event?

  • A wide range of business actors engaged in the energy transition: technology and equipment companies, energy companies, service providers, planners, developers, financing sector etc.
  • the sustainable energy research community
  • representatives from public bodies (e.g. EU institutions, national, regional and local governments, energy agencies)

Over 600 experts each year from more than 60 countries!

Get involved in the WSED 2020

Take the opportunity and share your work, projects, research results, achievements, ideas and insights with the worldwide sustainable energy community! The following options are available:

Value for your time!

In just 3 days, you can profit from a comprehensive package:

    • up-to-date information on markets, policies, technologies, financing, business models, research and case studies
    • hands-on experience through technical site visits
    • a tradeshow with 1,600 exhibiting companies
    • new business opportunities
    • valuable networking possibilities
    • Austrian hospitality!
  • Find out more information here
  • Register to send the call for paper and speakers here. Deadline is 10th October, 2019!

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