BEE2Energy : monitoring and control of energy consumptions for smart cities and the industry

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Published by Pauline Vettier

Collecting information on the energy consumption of equipments is a first step towards improving the performance of our buildings, but it is also essential to organise and process them. This is what the Bee2Energy application offers. The solution is conceived to manage, monitor and control the consumption of energy, water, gas and oxygen in a group of buildings. Construction21 has met Vasco Correia, who has been in charge of international development for two years

What is Bee2 Energy?

V.Correia: Bee2Energy is based on one observation: end users, and especially cities, do not have sufficient capability to control energy efficient management system. There is a need to provide a tool to monitor, control and optimize all energy-related systems.

Our solution provides a comprehensive software service allowing companies, and institutions to achieve significant improvement on energy efficiency usage. While minimizing their environmental impact, the companies reduce their consumptions. We have been partnering with IBM for more than 15 years to integrate our solutions with IBM Platforms & systems.

What benefit can be expected from this IT service provider?

V.Correia: With Bee2Energy, it is possible to achieve 20 to 30% energy savings and 25 to 30% operational savings. It is a solution that works via a web browser, a mobile application, a wallboard or even using augmented reality in a near future.

How does it work ?

V.Correia: Bee2Energy is composed of a software, and hardware (sensors and IOT devices) that allow buildings to optimize their energy consumption. One of our specificity is that we do not only offer management of Electricity, but also of Water, Gas, and Oxygen. With Bee2Energy, it is possible to have a fast and clean bird’s eye view on your consumptions costs, efficiency and savings.

The platform offers real time view of the energy consumptions, and the solution can be single-site, or multi-site, with a map to geo-reference the client’s buildings, warehouses or factories. The solutions is applicable in public buildings, schools, museums, theaters, sport stadiums, swimming pools…

We offer dashboard management and control. But it is not only a dashboard, you can program and control connected equipment’s, by creating rules and programs to automate operations, for example, determining the best temperature for AC or turning off equipment’s at a specific time.

The Cloud based IOT solutions can be accessed anytime, anywhere over the internet.  Bee2Energy can interact with a wide variety of devices (IoT Gateways, Energy quality analysers, environmental sensors…). We provide our clients with a list of more than 100 compatible devices and solutions

Who are your clients ?

V.Correia: We have two types of clients: Industries and cities. Today, we have more than 47 cities using Compta solutions, and 500 customers in industry sectors.

We work a lot with cities who want to control and optimize their energy consumptions such as the cities of Cascais, Abrantes, Torres Vedras, Ponta Delgada, Oeiras, Porto and other municipalities in Portugal. We provide them with a unified and central platform where all the properties from the city can be managed and operated on with regards to energy aspects. This is interesting for them because Bee2Energy is compatible with requests from different equipment’s.

We have a holistic approach of smart cities, with multiple devices, with several solutions on the same platform.

Could you describe one of your most emblematic projects with a city?

V.Correia: Abrantes, a 40 000 inhabitants small city, is a good example because they are making a good use of the solution there. They managed to reduce their energy consumption by 18% since Bee2Energy implementation!

Our work with the city was part of the Abrantes 2020 strategic plan, to make the city intelligent, with a continuum of services throughout the life of the citizen.

We provided the tool Bee2Energy to monitor energy consumption in public buildings and public lightning areas, as well as consumptions of electricity, gas, and water in the municipal swimming pools and sports complexes of the city.

In a holistic vision of the city, we combined several of our solutions (Bee2Energy, but also Bee2Waste and Bee2Green), to other software’s. We developed an integrated operational center to put all these standalone verticals in a top management workflow through IBM IOC.


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Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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