Become a mentor for the PROSPECT peer-to-peer learning programme

Your city/region has ambitious energy and climate objectives and your local strategies and action plans are ready? Moreover, you have already managed to secure financing for your project while mobilising other financial sources than your municipal budget? You have implemented innovative financing schemes and incentives that mobilise citizens, local stakeholders, financing institutions and investors͛ funds?

Join the PROSPECT peer-to-peer learning programme and become a mentor for other less advanced cities/region!

As a mentor, you will share your knowledge and be engaged in a meaningful relationship with one or more mentees. You will gain mentoring and leaderships skills, and be recognised for future ͚expert͛ positions, thanks to a certification process. Moreover, you will showcase achievements of your city or region at European level.We will feature your city or region as a best practice on innovative financing and give it visibility in our PROSPECT materials, events, and communication channels! PROSPECT will also offer its mentor cities and regions the possibility to take part for free in one of the study visitsorganised in the learning programmes.

How to join? Please visit the Get involved section on the PROSPECT website and fill in your application form by 31st of July 2018.

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