Atawey: a 100% autonomous hydrogen station

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Atawey: a 100% autonomous hydrogen station

Atawey makes hydrogen a 100% decarbonated fuel with its autonomous station. This flexible and sustainable solution is adapted to any type of territory. Geoffroy Ville, the company’s sales manager, tells us more about this project that won the Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize of the 2018 Green Solutions Awards.

What is Atawey’s hydrogen solution?

  1. It’s an autonomous station that aims to develop hydrogen mobility at a lower cost. We are currently marketing models for fleets of one to five vehicles, often community owned. This will enable us to gather feedback and create models for fleets of over 50 vehicles. The aim is to create a real hydrogen network across regions.

    What makes our station so innovative is that it’s autonomous. It therefore produces its own hydrogen with an integrated electrolyser that transforms water molecules (H2O) into dihydrogen (H2) and dioxygen (O2). This means that its only carbon impact is the electricity required for electrolysis. We try to use renewable energies wherever possible. Most of the projects currently underway are part of green projects in areas that use green electricity from the (...)  Read more 


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