Andy Bull is the winner of the 2018 Roger Léron Award

The 4th edition of the Roger Léron Award was concluded on the 10th October 2018, with the Ceremony at the Palais des Académies in Brussels and the announcement of Andy Bull as winner.

Andy Bull spent 30 years in Welsh Local Government and developed many projects on climate change mitigation and sustainable development over the years. He was responsible for the creation of Mid Wales Energy Agency and also worked for Severn Wye Energy Agency. He has been semi-retired for the last three years having been persuaded to be part of the UK team on Biogas Action.

The Ceremony also acknowledged Gérard Savatier’s and José Rámon Perán’s contributions to sustainable energy, who are tied at the second place. Gérard Savatier was one of the founders and the director of ASDER for 26 years, the Savoy association for the development of renewable energies. He also chaired the presidency of CLER, the French national network for renewable energy sources. Mr Savatier invited everyone to reduce their energy consumption through a powerful message inspired by French writer Paul Bourget: "One must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one has lived".

Pr. José Rámon Perán González managed the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatics at the University of Valladolid. His 30-year experience in the private sector led him to create the CARTIF Technology Centre, that is today a European reference for energy efficiency projects.

The Ceremony welcomed high-level speakers such as Michèle Rivasi, French MEP from the Environment Committee; Julije Domac, FEDARENE’s President and Director of the North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency; and Christiane Egger, FEDARENE Vice-President for Energy Efficiency and Deputy Director or OÖ Energiesparvervand.

To know more about the three finalists as well as the six other exceptional candidates, you can read their biographies on our website.

Roger Léron Award ceremony

About the Roger Léron Award

The Roger Léron Award honours outstanding individuals who, through their persistence, impact, strategic vision and leadership, contributed to sustainable energy at the local and regional levels. The Award is named in memory of Roger Léron, a pioneer of regional energy development in Europe and one of FEDARENE’s founders. You can find further information about the Award including jury members and eligibility criteria on our Roger Léron web page.


Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

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