Anatomy of a Sustainable City

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Anatomy of a Sustainable City

Imagine a city with more walkers and bikers than cars, where buildings are all run off of solar power and designed with living ecosystems inside of them and city landscaping doubles as edible plants for the hungry. 

While this may seem straight out of a fairytale, sustainable cities are committed to make this idyllic vision a reality. Also known as eco cities, these urban centers prioritize a healthy way of life for its citizens and the land that they’re built upon. Rather than highways full of gas guzzling vehicles, infrastructure is dedicated to cycling superhighways, walk lanes, and clean public transportation. 

Sustainable cities achieve a net zero carbon footprint by addressing urban challenges such as pollution and waste head on. Forward-thinking city planners use innovative technology for transportation, energy management and water management solutions. Beyond just being an environmentally friendly urban center, sustainable cities also have their own sense of place and purpose. It’s somewhere its citizens are proud to call home. 

So what do you need to know about sustainable cities of the future?

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