An Industrial Alliance to promote sustainable District Heating and Cooling grids!

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An Industrial Alliance to promote sustainable District Heating and Cooling grids!

With the aim to increase the RES in the heating and cooling sector, the Interreg “D2Grids” project is rolling-out a 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC).
Looking to the future, the Interreg “D2Grids” project is establishing a 5GDHC Industrial Alliance.
Are you a public/private company that qualifies with your products and services to ultra-low district heating and cooling technology?
Would you like to be a part of unique developing market of 5GDHC technology?

Join us today

Heating and cooling sector is moving to clean low-carbon energy, however, 77% of the fuel it uses still comes from fossil fuels, nearly half from gas (source Eurostat). Considering the recent unstable trends in the natural gas market, the need to increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) is important as ever. 
The purpose of the 5GDHC Industrial Alliance among others is offering solutions to climate change through promoting sustainable heating and cooling grids, like 5th generation district heating and cooling. 

Are you interested in: 

  • Joining unique developing market of 5GDHC technology components and services.
  • Extending networking in 5GDHC industrial sector.
  • Accelerating knowledge and experience level in 5GDHC.
  • Getting access to broader international market and tenders of 5GDHC; new project proposals and finding new eligible project partners.
  • Information about skill gaps and labour needs in 5GDHC
  • …And more others

Then do not miss a chance already today to join our 5GDHC working group, as a preparation step for the 5GDHC Industrial Alliance. The aim of the 5GDHC working group is to define the final founding document of 5GDHC Industrial Alliance.

  • What is expected from 5GDHC working group members:
  • Attend the online meetings: 3-5 sessions (1-1,5 hours) starting in October 2022.
  • Contribute to the founding document by providing comments, feedbacks, suggestions and reviewing the document if needed.
  • Sign the final founding document (declaration) and become a member of 5GDHC Industrial Alliance (optional) in December 2022.

-> The working language of the 5GDHC working group is English
-> The deadline of the call is October 10th.


5GDHC is an intelligent thermal network based on a local low temperature loop. Decentralised energy production, using heat pumps located at the user's premises, allows energy exchange on the network, where flows are demand-driven. This concept allows the recovery of cold and heat emitted by supermarkets, data centers, factories, offices etc.
The 5th generation district heating and cooling Industrial Alliance (5GDHC IA) is an association of organizations and companies who qualify with their products and services to 5GDHC technology and are brought together to support further optimisation and roll-out of 5GDHC.

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