Advancing net zero status report 2020

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Advancing net zero status report 2020

The Advancing Net Zero (ANZ) Status Report 2020 highlights leadership action from GBCs and the building and construction sector towards achieving total sector decarbonisation.


We showcase action from across our Green Building Council (GBC) network including the 27 GBCs participating in WorldGBC’s global Advancing Net Zero project, as well as signatories to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment).


Included in the report are:


  • Examples of leading GBC action, including a world map showing the GBCs participating in ANZ and a timeline of GBC milestones such as release dates for schemes and reports for the past year
  • A new “whole life carbon” infographic setting out WorldGBC’s milestones, definitions, and principles for best practice application
  • A summary of highlights from the year including regional ANZ projects and the Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront report, including notable industry developments supporting the call to action
  • Case studies of verified net zero buildings from around the world
  • Editorials from three GBCs on leadership in their markets: GBC Brazil, DGNB, CaGBC
  • A list of all current Commitment signatories
  • Thought pieces on global trends from contributors who are demonstrating leading action from businesses, on the topics of ‘Responsible investment’, ‘Data and digitisation’, and ‘Empowering the design community’
  • Examples of initiatives and programmes from our partners that are supporting the transition to net zero carbon buildings

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