Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis Through Digital Innovation and Technology

25 10 2019
 North America   25/10 - 26/09/2019

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing Canadians today is affordable housing. To address this issue cities will require commitment, investment, and perhaps most of all, innovation.

The design, construction and operation industries, which have been built on traditional workflows, are poised for disruption.

New technologies, digital processes, fabrication and efficient assembly methods are no longer on the horizon, but are already showing us we can design, construct and operate the housing and infrastructure we need, not only faster and cheaper, but more sustainably as well.

Join us in Toronto to learn more about new methods and technologies that will impact how we deliver affordable housing and cities in the future.


Day ​One:

The ​Tour ​is ​for ​anybody ​interested ​in ​networking ​and ​taking ​the ​CanBIM ​Project ​Site ​Tour. ​

The ​CanBIM ​Owner's ​Symposium ​is ​an ​*Owner ​Exclusive* ​event. ​If ​you ​are ​an ​owner ​or ​facility ​manager ​and ​would ​like ​to ​attend, ​please ​contact ​Kate ​Hendry ​at ​ ​before ​registering ​for ​an ​access ​code.

The ​AGM ​is ​open ​to ​both ​CanBIM ​members ​and ​non-members.

The ​2019 ​CanBIM ​Innovation ​Spotlight ​Awards ​Reception ​& ​Presentation ​will ​showcase ​CanBIM ​Members ​who ​demonstrate ​leadership ​and ​innovation ​through ​the ​implementation ​of ​digital ​technology, ​processes ​and ​methodologies. ​Be ​in ​the ​room ​when ​the ​winners ​are ​announced! ​Includes ​1 ​drink ​ticket ​and ​hors ​d'ouevres. ​

Day ​Two:

The ​Morning ​Sessions ​cater ​to ​Technology ​Practitioners. ​Learn ​about ​technologies ​and ​processes ​that ​will ​assist ​you ​in ​your ​daily ​activities ​and ​processes. ​All ​practitioners ​looking ​to ​develop ​their ​knowledge ​around ​technology ​should ​attend ​the ​Morning ​Sessions. ​Includes ​Breakfast ​& ​Lunch.

The ​Afternoon ​Sessions ​cater ​to ​Executive ​Leaders ​and ​business ​decision ​makers ​who ​are ​driving ​the ​direction ​at ​their ​organizations, ​plus ​anyone ​interested ​in ​the ​future ​of ​the ​industry. ​All ​are ​encouraged ​to ​attend. ​Includes ​Lunch ​& ​Reception. ​

The ​Meets ​& ​Eats ​Dinner ​is ​a ​curated ​opportunity ​to ​network ​with ​other ​industry ​leaders. ​All ​are ​welcome ​to ​attend. ​ ​ ​

2019 ​CanBIM ​Innovation ​Spotlight ​Awards ​Reception ​& ​Presentation

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