How to incorporate fundable buildings sector actions in NDC's - global practices

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How to incorporate fundable buildings sector actions in NDC's - global practices

We are delighted to announce the new GlobalABC Webinar series: How to Incorporate Fundable Buildings Sector Action in NDCs, a series of four webinars: Global, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The current scope and ambition of buildings sector commitments are insufficient to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Despite 136 countries having acknowledged the need for building sector actions in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), more work is needed to increase the coverage and ambition of these actions.

This webinar series will present practical steps that countries can take to identify opportunities for incorporating ambitious building sector climate actions into NDCs. Based on GlobalABC's NDC Guide, on insights from UNFCCC and the NDC partnership, and through country case studies presented by country representatives, the webinar will outline examples on necessary levels of ambition, stakeholder engagement, governance and monitoring, and verification and reporting required for fundable building sector actions that contribute to achieving the Paris Climate Goals.

Webinar 1: 2 July 2019: Global Best Practices - Hear from UNFCCC, NDC Partnership, and GlobalABC with examples from Argentina, China, and Mongolia (in English)

Webinar 2: 31st July (Date TBC): Buildings Sector NDCs - Africa (in French/English)
Webinar 3: 30th August (Date TBC): Buildings Sector NDCs - Latin America (in Spanish/English)
Webinar 4: 4th October (Date TBC): Buildings Sector NDCs - Asia (in English)

Preliminary agenda for the first webinar on Global Best Practices

13:00 Welcome & introduction: UN Environment/GlobalABC
13:05 NDC amendment process, timeline & obligations of state actors: UNFCCC (TBC)
13:10 NDC revision with the enhanced ambition: NDC Partnership
13:15 Q & A

13:20 The Guide to Incorporating Buildings Actions in NDCs

13:30 Case studies:


14:00 Q&A
14:25 Closing Remarks

We look forward to connecting with you on the webinar

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