5 Reasons to Participate in the State of Energy Management Survey 2021


Energy Management Survey 2021

Energy professionals have varied backgrounds and interests but we all have a common goal to spread the word and motivate customers and peers to be more efficient and sustainable.

Energy is all around us and it is an exciting industry to be involved with!

Your experience as an energy professional is the starting point for us to better understand the sector. That’s why we built this survey, so that we can all get a wide overview of the key energy trends, challenges and needs including technology and innovation, the consequences of the hybrid workplace since Covid, and many other trending topics. Whether you’re an experienced energy professional or if energy management is only a part of your job, your responses will be extremely useful.

Here are the reasons why you should participate:

1. To Contribute to Industry Benchmarks and Studies 

First hand experience is always the best way to understand the specifics of an industry or sector. You may wonder sometimes when reading a report who the sources are… and here you have the chance to contribute and share your insights! You will be able to share important information about your role without providing personal details.

2. To Learn from Others in the Industry

The same way your first hand information is valuable, so is that from other experts in the industry. You probably want to know what others are doing, if they’re facing similar challenges, or how you compare amongst a close competitor...




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