Assessing the Market for Micromobility in African and Asian cities

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In this episode, Horace and Oliver run over Horace’s insights from his recent research using UN data into city-level potential for micromobility markets globally. We run through the most interesting growth trends in 1800+ cities.

Specifically we look at:

  • Contextualizing the rapid growth in car-based urbanization as part of a 5000 year trend

  • Why Africa is one of the most interesting potential markets between now and 2035.

  • The cities positioned for both the fastest growth and largest increase.

  • How the low-income demographics of new migrants to these emerging mega-cities necessitates the need for cheap micromobility transport

  • Why we should look at auto-ownership rates to understand the 'low-end' potential of micromobility.

  • The likely business models we'll see emerge with the confluence of autonomy, networking and new propulsion options.

  • How these vehicles will beat the current incumbents of petrol powered scooters in Asia

The things mentioned in the episode are:

  • The blog post that Horace has written on the micromobility markets by city here!!

  • The talk by Jeremy Grantham re: the majority of increase in global population coming from Africa between now and 2100 - click here 


As requested, if anyone has a suggestion for an interview guest for micromobility in India or Africa, please message me on Twitter @oliverbruce. Thanks!

Moderated by : Izadora Alcanfôr

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