#29Soto in Pamplona

"The Green Solutions Awards highlight projects which are particular in their high energy efficiency and innovative solutions," points out the architect Germán Velázquez

The #29Soto Project by VArquitectos participated in the 2017 edition of the Green Solutions Awards and was the national winner of the Sustainable Construction Grand Prize. The architect Germán Velázquez, from VArquitectos presents this award-winning building and its sustainable solutions, being the first certified residential building in Spain.

1. In the field of construction, what main characteristics and values define VArquitectos?

VArquitectos is an architecture studio with more than 45 years of experience, with residential, tertiary and urban projects, and today, also specialised in buildings with almost zero or passive consumption. We have the first certified residential building in Spain, #29Soto; the highest towers in the world certified, #361Bolueta; and the Passivhaus advice at the Palacio de Congresos Europa, also certified.

2. So let us start at the beginning, how did the project come about and why did you choose a sustainable initiative?

The client, Promociones Las Provincias, wanted a distinctive element to be able to differentiate itself from the competition. We proposed the possibility of developing the project under the Passivhaus standard, and once we presented a complete analysis with all the implications involved, the decision was immediate.

3. With respect to the materials, systems, and processes, among others, what are the implemented solutions to contribute to sustainable development?

The measures for a project to reach the demanding German standard are basically five.

  • Isolation: it has been optimised with modelling the software PHPP, placing the appropriate thickness in each face.
  • Thermal bridges: all the thermal bridges of the construction sections have been calculated to minimize or eliminate them. This allows an improvement in efficiency, as well as an absence of pathologies caused by condensation, mould, etc.
  • High performance carpentry: triple glass with PVC profile Passivhaus certified.
  • Airtightness: all homes must have less than 0.6 air changes per hour. #29Soto has an average of 0.4 renewals / hour.
  • Ventilation with heat recovery: with a high impenetrability, it takes all the sense to apply a double flow with high performance heat recovery.

4. During the whole process, what challenges have you faced? Does the result match the initial expectations?

The biggest challenge has been to be the first. Not having references at national level has involved a significant research, analysis and improvement work. As regards expectations, these have been fully met, although it has not been easy.

5. Are you currently working on another similar project?

VArquitectos has just finished the first tower “Bolueta”, #361Bolueta, being the highest Passivhaus building in the world. In addition to this, we have projects for more than 400 homes to be certified, a Health Center in Lodosa in execution, a Sports Center in the Valle de Egüés whose construction will begin shortly, among others.

6. What has the participation in the last edition of the Green Solutions Awards meant to VArquitectos?

The Green Solutions Awards have a very high visibility at national and international level. This allows us to highlight projects which are particular in their high energy efficiency, innovative solutions, etc.

Caso de estudio Vil·la Urània
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Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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