[PODCAST] 26: The Uber S-1

Published by La rédaction C21

In this episode, Horace and Oliver unpack the Uber S-1 filing, noting, among other things:

  • The parallels between Uber's assessment of total addressable market and that which we've talked about on the Micromobility podcast.

  • The economics of short trips, and how these skew towards Micromobility vs Uber's existing rideshare business.

  • The strategy that makes the most sense for Uber to scale micromobility over the short to mid term.

  • We discuss the recent Barclays Bank report on micromobility that also further validates Horace's and Uber's analysis of the market potential.

We also discuss the Micromobility book, the Micromobility Membership and the upcoming Micromobility Summit in Europe on October 1st. For details on all of this, please head to micromobility.io

Micromobility Uber S-1

Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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