108: The Magic of Operational Optimization - More Rides, More Money. With Joseph Brennan of Zoba

This week, Oliver interview Joseph Brennan, co-founder of Zoba, an analytics company working on optimizing micromobility operations. It’s a pretty nerdy topic, but the topline is that their clients have seen up to 74% more rides per scooter simply from operational tweaks that Joseph and the team have suggested. As micromobility operations get more sophisticated and cities get stricter on operators and rule enforcement, services like what Zoba offers will become even more important.

This was originally published as a video on Micromobility's Youtube channel. Check it out here.

Specifically, they dig into:

- The history of Zoba and how Joseph and his team came to found the company.

- The variables that they’re working with, and how they engage with customers

- A discussion on the benefits of new technologies coming down the pipe, including swappable batteries.

- The biggest operational challenges for both operators and governments

- How has their business fared in the boom/bust of the wider sharing industry, and what are they seeing now?

- The challenges and opportunity for raising money in the software-for-micromobility space and what he’d recommend to other entrepreneurs.

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