[Video] The Green Solutions Awards 2018 Smart Building Award

[Video] The Green Solutions Awards 2018 Smart Building Award

Watch the Award of the Smart Building at the #GreenSolutions Awards 2018 Winners' Gala, held in Katowice during COP24, on December 6th at the University of Silesia. Nine winners - buildings, districts and infrastructures - and fourteen mentions were rewarded in front of 200 professionals of the industry.


KTR   Aulario IndUVA   Maison IDF
Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize winner: KTR Headquarters (France)   Sustainable Construction Grand Prize winner: Aulario IndUVA (Spain)   Energy & Temperate Climates winner: House of Ile-de-France (France)
Médiathèque Sud Sauvage   Landsea New Mansion   La Ruche
Energy & Hot Climates winner: Wild South Media Library (France)   Health & Comfort winner: Landsea New Mansion (China)   Low Carbon winner: The Beehive (France)
Maison passive CLK   Tianjin   Eclairage intelligent, durable et économe à Copenhague
Smart Building winner: CLK Passive House (Luxembourg)   Sustainable City Grand Prize winner: Eco-City Sino-Singapore Tianjin (China)   Sustainable Infrastructures Grand Prize winner: Smart, Sustainable Lighting in Copenhagen (Denmark)


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