Renovated buildings: assessment of the HQE Performance ACV Renovation test

Published by Bati Journal

In 2017, the HQE-GBC Alliance launched a test for renovated buildings in order to mobilize stakeholders around a common methodology and to identify the levers of action for renovation with a low environmental impact.

The objective of this LCA method applied to renovated buildings: work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the existing fleet and be part of a circular economy approach. This work brought together 23 projects of renovated buildings, a group of 70 people with diverse profiles: owners, contractors, industrialists, certifiers, experts ... from all over France. The tests were carried out thanks to the voluntary commitment of each of the testers who benefited from technical support from the HQE-GBC Alliance, Cerema, Cerqual Qualitel Certification, Certivéa and CSTB [...] Read the more on BatiJournal .

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