Nikolaï Bersenev: "The GBCS Awards stand out by their eco-responsible approach"

Nikolaï Bersenev is a Group H architect. The Refuge du Goûter won the Users’ choice award in 2015. The project was noticed and rewarded for deploying technics to preserve the environment, while taking into account the energy constraints related to altitude, and the necessity to preserve real harmony between the building and the landscape.

What kind of benefit di you get from competing in the GBCS Awards 2015?

Among the several awards and distinctions the Refuge du Goûter won all over the world since its delivery in 2012, the GBCS Awards stand out by their eco-responsible approach. And it is exactly the message we wanted to send with this emblematic realization. Today, we can build in a responsible way, by using green technologies and recycled materials, not only in extreme conditions on protected sites, such as the Mont-Blanc, but it is our duty to apply sustainable development principles in all our projects, without any exception. In terms of visibility, we are happy to observe that the connection to the COP21 has given another dimension at this prize and the winners’ projects have solicited great interest from the visitors and the stakeholders of the climate conference.

What were your expectations when you applied to the contest?

First of all, we did it to discover the professionals’ community through the Construction21 platform. The possibility to share our experience in terms of eco-construction and to see realizations from other architects’ offices with, at the end, one of the best reward : le users’ choice award!

How did you proceed to apply?

The first contact was made through R20, a Non Governmental Organization whom, since its creation in 2010, militates in favor of low carbon projects all over the world. That is a goal they have in common with Construction21: the dissemination of best practices in the renewable energies field. That's why we published our case study, in order to share this extraordinary experience with the public.

How did you communicate to your network?

It was interesting to see people’s reaction, the contacts generated after publishing the case study, the interest from companies which offers innovative products. The involvement of different countries in Construction21 has increased the number of users which allows to spread a message more broadly.

Do you plan to participate to the 2016 edition of the contest?

For any contest, we have to be extremely exigent on the projects we choose to submit, if the goal is to win! We hope  we can contribute more with new emblematic realizations in 2017!

How do you use Construction21 today?

Construction21 becomes more and more interesting to browse on a daily basis, to look at the published projects, to follow the news feed and the events in the world of environmental science.

Will you follow the contest this year?

Absolutely, and with great interest! Good luck to all the candidates!

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Moderated by : Construction21 Team

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