New deadline for the Green Solutions Awards: June 16

Construction21 offers you some extra time to compete in the Green Solutions Awards. Take your chance!
By participating, you will be noticed by thousands of professionals. In 2016, the competing case studies generated no less than 10,000 views each. All candidate case studies will be translated into English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Chinese for maximum visibility.
How to participate?
To apply, simply publish one or more case studies of your exemplary realizations: building, neighborhood or infrastructure.
3 downloadable tutorials give you all the keys to publish a case study:
No stress!
The Construction21 team accompanies you every step of the way. As soon as you create your case study, you will be contacted by a moderator to guide you according to your application:
  • What information do you miss?
  • How to make your case study attractive?
  • Campaign for the online voting phase

No time?

You have all the required data, but time is missing? Construction21 can also help you reference your case study for you. Contact us

Choose your category and good luck!




Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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