Green Solutions Awards: let’s start the 7th edition

Green Solutions Awards: let’s start the 7th edition

For the 7th year in a row, the Construction21 network is launching its Green Solutions Awards. The kick-off is given on March 14 at MIPIM, on the BNP Paribas Real Estate booth, sponsor of the competition.
This contest is the concrete embodiment of all statements on ecological transition: it promotes already existing solutions, integrated in building, districts and infrastructures, which, if they are replicated on a broad scale, have a real capacity to fight against climate change.

Applications are open until June 10!

After the kick-off at MIPIM, the world’s leading property market that celebrates the 30th edition this year with the theme “Engaging the future”, candidates have 3 months to submit their best projects.

Construction21 is in the starting-blocks to assist the participating professionals. We will help them publish case studies that include useful and inspiring information for their peers, technical performances, testimonies of inhabitants, feedbacks from companies...

The international winners’ gala will be held at Batimat, the building industry’s leading international trade show, on Monday, November 4th, 2019. Save the date on your agenda!

A more institutional event is also planned in Santiago, Chile, for COP25 in order to promote the international winners there. 

From MIPIM to Batimat: the milestones of 2019

Timeline GSA 2019 EN

7th edition of the contest: objective set at 5 million views!

The Green Solutions Awards contest is no longer in its infancy. Organised for the 7th time in a row, this competition gets bigger year after year.

First of all, in terms of communication: Construction21 took a step forward in 2018 as the 12 web platforms and social media activity generated 4.1 million views, compared to 1.5 million in 2017. 
The main reasons? The faithful support of 100 media partners and an even more active mobilisation of candidates.

Also in terms of events: with highlights throughout the year. Among them, winners’ galas in each country and at an international level, in addition to conferences and TV sets on partner fairs as well.

Recently, Construction21 has been organising webinars on Webikeo and radio interviews with Batiradio to feature candidates, partners and jury members.

In 2019, 5 million views worldwide is targeted!

Videos of 2018 winners – Videos of the winners’ gala in Poland, COP24 – Periscope

Concrete projects that overcome industries

The Green Solutions Awards present the particularity of promoting only real projects, displaying existing solutions which are implemented in buildings, districts and infrastructures. For Construction21, it is necessary to represent various technologies and their interactions from buildings to cities, as the industry develops systemically.

This is illustrated by Geoffroy Ville, Sales Manager for Atawey, French winner and international mention of the 2018 Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize 2018: “Thanks to the Green Solutions Awards, we have benefited from a visibility in the building sector, which is not our core business. We, at Atawey, do more in the energy sector, but since buildings produce now energy, people come to us to see what we can do with the renewable electricity surplus.”

To apply, professionals can therefore submit all kinds of projects: new construction or renovation, office building or housing; eco-districts, joint development zones, and eco-campuses for districts; energy systems, digital applications, water management plants, or mobility systems for infrastructures.

Jury of Students: a bet on the youth

For the 2018 edition, Construction21 France wanted to involve, in addition to experts and Internet users, the professionals of tomorrow: students. A try converted, since 14 schools participated, instead of the 5 which were planned at the launch!

Architecture, engineering, real estate schools, and even The Companions of Duty  have responded to the call to allow their students to demonstrate their academic knowledge through the analysis of buildings at the cutting edge of innovation.

Here is a funny anecdote that shows how participating students got a foothold in the professional world: their champion, who was qualified for the international phase in the same way as the winners of each country, won the international prize for the category Energy & Temperate Climates, as well as a highlight during COP24! It is the House of Île-de-France… a student residence located on the student campus of Paris.

Watch the video

The jury of Students will of course  be renewed in 2019 for the Buildings contest in France and, new this year, in Luxembourg.

Why participate in the Green Solutions Awards?

First of all to benefit from a unique and free visibility! Throughout your participation, you benefit from a communication plan set up on all Construction21 platforms, on social media and relayed by nearly 100 media partners. At an international level, but also at a national level; all participating case studies are indeed readable in English, French, Spanish and even Chinese! Enjoy millions of views generated by the contest!

Your projects are also highlighted during dedicated events such as Passi’bat or Batimatwebinars or radio interviews.

video is also offered to the Grand Prizes winners, presenting their projects. Easy to share, they will be widely disseminated on the Internet and social media. A brochure is also printed in 4 languages to showcase the winning projects.

Finally, by bringing your work to the knowledge of the industry, you will contribute to the dissemination of solutions that, when replicated at a larger scale, will help to fight against global warming.

How to participate?

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