Green Building Solutions Awards: 8 winners to inspire professionals worldwide

Green Building Solutions Awards: 8 winners to inspire professionals worldwide

To mark the COP21 Buildings Day, this Thursday, December 3, Construction21 revealed the eight winners of the Green Building Solutions Awards in "La Galerie des Solutions", in Paris Le Bourget. The Construction21 international team brought together 200 guests for the occasion, from all over Europe and North Africa. The Minister of Environment of Morocco, host of the COP22 in 2016 opened the ceremony, accompanied by the Minister for the Environment Luxembourg. José Caire, ADEME and Michèle Sabban, President of the R20-Regions for Climate Action have also demonstrated their active support to this initiative.

Discover below the 8 winners and their videos that were offered by the Construction21 team!

Six winners were chosen by the international jury for each category below. The internet vote distinguished two ex-aequo winners. Eight very different buildings, but all are exemplary in their approach and solutions implemented. We bet they will inspire many professionals for their future projects!

Health & Comfort winner


Groupe Scolaire Simone Veil - France

Located in a regenerated district of Bourgoin Jallieu (France), the kindergarten and primary school  Simone Veil combine controlled consumptions and carbone emissions with a thorough regard on health and comfort for children.
The project favors natural ventilation, assisted by towers, acoustic comfort – essential for pupils attention, generous daylight sources and air quality, a very important matter for this school, built on a former industrial site

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Bio-based & Recycled Materials winner


 Naturata - Luxembourg

Owners of this organic supermarket wanted a building illustrating their commitment for the environment. The building only uses reusable high quality natural material with low environmental impact:

  • Natural stone,
  • Wood,  
  • Cellulose fiber insulation.

One exception : the concrete slab, insulated with foam glass gravel. The result : a 99% green building respecting the environment

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Net Zero Energy Buildings winner


LUCIA - Spain

This Net Zero Energy and Zero CO2 Emission Building is destined to shelter the laboratories and the research center of the University of Valladolid. It combines thorough bioclimatic design and use of renewable energies to respond to every energy need of the project. 
The energy mix includes biomass, photovoltaic solar energy and geothermal energy. A strategy to reduce consumptions was also layed out. This building is an excellent example of sustainability for the management and production of autonomous local renewable energies, contributing to decentralizing energy and to developing renewable energies.


Renewable Energies winner


Solarwind - Luxembourg

Beyond a triple certifi ed (HQE, DGNB, BREAAM) energy performance of the envelope, the contractor wished to multiply the energy sources and to favor renewable energies. By doing so, Solarwind showcases innovative and replicable technologies while illustrating their complementarity:
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass (wood/miscanthus boiler)
  • Canadian well
  • Geocooling
  • Adiabatic cooling on rainwaters for air treatment units
  • Thermal solar energy
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Urban wind turbines

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Low Energy Renovation winner


Edifici Aconcagua - Andorra

Reaching a passive standard level in the rigourous climate of Andorra was the challenge for this Minergie-Eco certifi ed renovation of a 27 housings building. To achieve that goal, several solutions, easily replicable and low-cost, have been implemented:
  • Thermographic study
  • Reinforced insulation of façades and suppression of all thermal    bridges
  • Triple glaze joinery
  • Air tightness tests

In the end, heating consumptions were reduced by 82%, tenants are happy to see their bills reduced and the owner glows with the increase of demands for his apartments



Smart Buildings winner


Neobuild Innovation Center - Luxembourg

Neobuild Innovation Center is an innovative experimental and showcasing building. It anticipates on the Net Zero Energy buildings of 2020. But most of all, it integrates a true experimentation approach involving all building users. The building is smart on various levels:
  • A BMS accessible to employees with tablets for pedagogical      purposes.
  • A smart grid ready building.
  • Active materials (variable tint windows, changing phase    materials).
  • An evolutive building, able to integrate new materials to    showcase their implementation and qualities

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Cette année, les internautes ont désigné deux lauréats pour leur Coup de Coeur.

Users'Choice Award winner


CREAS - Espagne

Designed as a training center for environment protection and dissemination of sustainable principles, CREAS is an exemplary building in terms of energy effi ciency, use of bio-based and recycled materials, and waste management on the building site. 

The orientation of the building, the management or resources and especially the fl exibility of spaces to adapt to the evolution of usages are what makes this project an exceptional case deserving to be highlighted and replicated

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Users'Choice Award winner


Refuge du Goûter - France

The new Refuge du Goûter is a true challenge to the extreme conditions of its environment. Located at 3,835 meters in altitude on the Mont Blanc, the building endures powerful winds sometimes reaching 250km/h and very low temperatures (-40°C).

The design took all these factors into account to result in an ellipsoidal shape, the main axis facing the wind. This shape is both simple and smooth, combining esthetics and ingeniosity. The whole wooden structure is assembled with resin casting. The facets of the envelope are insulated with wood fiber panels and covered with satin fi nished stainless steel.

Designed for transport, the prefabricated modules have been assembled on site. The building works in total autonomy thanks to the conjugation of several systems : thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, colza oil cogeneration

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