Green Building & City Solutions Awards: get ready now

Published by Véronique Pappe

On 10th of May, the fourth edition of the competition organized by Construction21 will be launched, beautiful sustainable construction and urban achievements in perspective.

As the launch of the competion grows near, you can already submit your buildings and cities case studies to have them running in the Green Buildings & City Solutions Awards 2016. Green Building and Sustainable Cities professionals, get a headstart to get more visibility. First candidates will also benefit from a good preparation on their case studies. Throughout the stages of the competition, Construction21 and its partners are promoting your sustainable realizations.  Several networks, media partners and organizations undertake to publicize the competition and its participants all around the globe, through their relays to the sustainable construction sector.

You can create now your case studies to participate in the 2016 edition of the Green Buildings & City Solutions Awards.

Interested in joining the competition? You can also become media partner. By partnering with the Green Building & City Solutions Awards, you become a relay for information and take part in an event that generates tens of thousands of views worldwide. No financial contribution needed, your image is associated with the contest which you advertise and that of its participants.

Become a media partner

Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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