Cities against climate change: what actionable solutions?

Cities against climate change: what actionable solutions?

Conference organised by Construction21 at MIPIM, in partnership with Eiffage, Climate KIC and Green Planet Architects. On Thursday, March 16 at 14:30 – Verrière Grand Audi – Palais des Festivals (level O) 

In 2050, 70% of the world population will live in urban areas, 3 billion people will be new urban dwellers, 90% of them in developing countries. Buildings and urban transports, renewable energy production and decentralized networks, water and waste management… All these levers are mainly urban issues. But how do these urban areas organise themselves to find and implement the right solutions for keeping global warming below 2°C?

In an attempt to answer this key issue, Construction21 invites you to a unique conference at MIPIM. Three major players, pioneers in the industry, will share concrete solutions they already provide to build a more sober and sustainable city.

Valérie David, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development for EIFFAGE Group

Assuming its full responsibility for the fight against climate change, Eiffage set up an innovative and ingenious tool to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, at the design stage as well as at the construction or operational stage. Presentation of this promising carbon fund, which was put into operational use on the high-speed line Bretagne-Pays de Loire.



clare_wildfire_climate_kic_ssdClare Wildfire, Director for Climate KIC's Smart Sustainable Districts programme

The best level to test and implement urban innovations is the district scale: it is large enough to assess impacts of these innovations and small enough to implement changes. Full-scale testing ground presented by Clare Wildfire, the Smart Sustainable Districts Programme gathers leader districts. Together, they work on pooling knowledge, skills and best practices that are necessary for their transition towards a zero-carbon city which will be resilient in Europe.



rafiq_azam_shatotto_architecteRafiq Azam, principle Architect of Shatotto Architecture for green living

Rafik Azam’s architectural style is aesthetic and modern. The world-renowned architect, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, draws his inspiration from the lush landscape and the architectural heritage of the Bengal Delta. Made of local and simple materials, his buildings are designed with a focus on green living. Rafiq Azam therefore contributes to green the city.



Construction21 will be present at MIPIM from 14 to 17 March. Meet us on the Green Planet Architects booth (P-1.J61) on the lower ground floor of the Palais des Festivals.


MIPIM, Palais des festivals, Cannes, France
16/03 - 16/03/2017
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