Aerem, positive energy factory, France - Green Solutions Awards 2019 winner

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The Aerem Factory is the two-time winner of the Low Carbon Prize of the Green Solutions Awards, both in France and internationally.

A factory does not necessarily mean a giant carbon footprint, whether in the construction or operating phase. This is proven by this 3,800 m2 positive energy factory. Heating and cooling are generated by a geothermal heat pump. Electricity is obtained through a photovoltaic generator and waste recovery.

The carbon footprint during the construction phase has been reduced by using locally produced straw-filled wooden walls less than 30 km away. The buildings are also completely dismountable and designed to be extended.

The design approach is also innovative. AEREM being a SCOP (Cooperative and Participatory Society), the ecodesign of the project was done in collaboration with its occupants. This results in significant attention to comfort (acoustics, indoor air quality, lighting, etc.). The original central position of the offices facilitates exchanges between the various departments.

Finally, the choice to build the factory in a peri-urban area, near the homes of a majority of employees, reduces the carbon impact of daily travel.

Pujaudran, France

  • Contractor : AEREM
  • Construction manager : Seuil Architecture
  • Thermal consultancy agency : Soconer
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