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Published by Isabel Sala

European experts in sustainable building are joining forces in the European project Construction21, to promote innovative projects and products from the perspective of life cycle real solutions involving sustainable architecture. The new website that is fruit of the project, managed by the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, is a reference portal that will provide the best case studies and facilitate the exchange of knowledge through thematic communities moderated by experts.

Barcelona, ​​January 25, 2011. was born in May 2011 the European project Construction21, driven by a consortium of 9 institutions from 5 European countries in order to promote energy efficiency in buildings through the collaboratio , n of a network of European experts. To this end, an international platform in English www.construction21.eu6 platforms linked to national (Spain, France, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Romania) is launched in parallel in their respective countries and languages.

web, dynamic, attractive and easy to use, you set the March 1, aims to promote buildings, solutionsconstructive and innovative products, from a lifecycle perspective, involving real sustainable architecture solutions. After a rigorous selection by a committee of experts on sustainable architecture, the best case studies will be published on the site, and therefore promoted at European level, establishing a ranking of " the best of the best". One of the main innovations that is integrated into the section 'Case Studies' is the publication of data describing the environmental and building energy and costs. The fact that they are so detailed, allows these solutions can be adopted relatively easily by any professional looking for new models. In addition, a database of innovations collect those systems or processes that contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption in different buildings built of published case studies.

From Construction21 also promotes dialogue and exchange on good practices. In addition, in May will be a series of thematic communities for a network of multi-specialist experts moderated by dynamic, the innovaciónyEcodesign in construction, how to promote energy efficiency in SMEs, sustainable urban planning or implementation of the European Directive on energy performance in buildings are some of the topics addressed in these virtual communities.

Construction21, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) for a peri period of two years, will be upgradeable to the 27 Member States in five years time. The different platforms interact with each other and with the portal BUILD-UP, which is the official website of the European Commission Sustainability in Buildings.

We recommend that all professionals of the building to visit the website and join the project. For more information, contact construction21@esci.upf.edu.

"UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, a national and international"

UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and ChangeClimate is a research group pioneered the development and implementation of Life Cycle Analysis conducted by Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer. Participate and / or coordinates numerous national and international projects of life cycle analysis (LCA), ecodesign, green procurement and environmental communication (ecolabels) of products, carbon and water footprints, governance in the environmental management and integration of social and economic aspects in environmental assessments. These projects provide solutions consistent with market requirements, social expectations and respect for the environment, integrating the three areas of sustainability.

The mission of the UNESCO Chair is to promote research, education, networking colaboracióny documentation generation aimed at sustainable development products and processes worldwide.

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