Conference: Applied illumination engineering; 21 August 2012 at the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen

Published by Zsóka Gyetvai

The Ministry of Economic Climate, Energy and Regional Planning Rheinland Pfalz (MWKEL), the ZVEI - Association Central Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry and the transfer agency for Rational Energy Consumption in Bingen (TSB) invite on 8/21/2012 heartily for the conference "Applied Beluchtungstechnik" at the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen.

The event is aimed primarily at municipalities and counties, utilities, industry and commerce, public authorities and associations.

parallel to the conference an exhibition informs about current developments in the field of lighting, while providing an opportunity for discussions and technical discussions.

learn more information about the event here.

Moderated by : Véronique Pappe