BSolutions, Sustainable Construction Grand Prize 2017, the BSolutions project designed to demonstrate the know-how NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building)

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Cédric Anbergen, laureate of the 2017 Sustainable Grand Prize (Green Solutions Awards), talks about the BSolutions project presented at the competition. An exemplary achievement designed to demonstrate the expertise NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) of architects and studies BSolutions.

Tell us the essential features of your project?

CA : The BSolutions building with high energy performance is Passif and BREEAM BREEAM certified.

Built on 3 levels, it allows autonomy and independence by level through 3 ventilation groups with an energy supply and photovoltaic.

Energy optimization is the result of its architectural design, its location and its  compactness. The building is semi buried to enjoy a first natural thermal insulation and soil inertia. The choice of orientations was crucial, both for natural light throughout the year, for preventing overheating in the summer, as for the installation of photovoltaic panels that cover 100% of hot and cold needs. 

What guided your approach for this project?

CA : Beyond performance, the health and comfort of the occupants were put at the center of the project thanks to a design guided by the BREEAM and PassivHaus approaches. The workspaces have been thought to be bright, with healthy materials. In addition, the acoustics were very advanced from the design stage: adapted floor covering, acoustic elements in the offices and creation of glazed work cells equipped with acoustic glazing.

A BMS (building management system) monitors all building techniques and allows the necessary adjustments to optimize it.

Technological innovations, sustainable development and the integration of techniques have guided the overall development of the project.

What did the contest participation and the prize win bring you?

Receiving the Sustainable Construction Grand Prize at the Green Solutions Awards Ceremony at COP23 demonstrated the high energy performance of our building and is an acknowledgment of our investment in sustainable buildings.

This gave us national and international visibility with numerous newspaper articles and interviews in newspapers, radio and television.

BSolutions: certifié passif et BREEAM
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Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN