Departmental Direction of territories and the sea of ​​Morbihan-Vannes

  • Type de projet : Construction Neuve
  • Type de bâtiment : Immeuble de bureaux
  • Année de construction : 2015
  • Année de livraison : 2016
  • Zone climatique : [Cfb] Océanique hiver tempéré, été chaud, pas de saison sèche
  • Surface nette : 6 500 m2
  • Coût de construction : 9 700 000 €
  • Nombre d'unités fonctionnelles : 200 Poste de travail
  • Coût/m² : 1 492 €/m2
  • Coût/Poste de travail : 48 500 €/Poste de travail

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    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Bâtiments

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    The project's assets for the Low Carbon category are:

    • A level of energy performance confirmed by an energy consumption of 47.6 kWh / m² (SHON RT) / year. This performance is ensured in particular by the implementation of a real passive and bioclimatic design of the building (compactness, adapted solar protection, optimization of natural lighting, natural nocturnal ventilation of offices ...) associated with efficient equipment including 2 wood pellet boilers (2x110 kW) and radiant ceilings for heating.
    • A volume of biobased materials including wood used in the consequent project: 148 dm3 / m² thus this project contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Indeed, the project uses the innovative and patented facade process which is the Mixed Wood Concrete Façade FMB which consists of a wood frame and a prefabricated concrete siding (to reduce the carbon impact and the time of implementation on site) subject to an ATEX (type B) for this project. The FMB façade provides the structural flexibility of the wood and the mineral finish of the concrete. Its assembly is mechanical and realized via SBB connectors. In addition, materials such as hemp or algae-based paints have been used on this project, always in this perspective of low carbon footprint.


    , 56000 Vannes France

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