Sino-German Ecological Park Passive House Technology Center

  • Type de projet : Construction Neuve
  • Type de bâtiment : Immeuble de bureaux
  • Année de construction : 2015
  • Année de livraison : 2016
  • Zone climatique :
  • Surface nette : 13 769 m2
  • Coût de construction : 130 700 000 ¥
  • Nombre d'unités fonctionnelles : 500 Poste de travail
  • Coût/m² : 9 492 ¥/ m 2
  • Coût/Poste de travail : 261 400 ¥/Poste de travail

Modéré par : Sylvain Bosquet

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    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Buildings


    Economic Benefits

    Due to the use of high-efficient insulation system and electromechanical system, the energy consumption of heating and cooling in the passive building in the whole year is significantly reduced. According to the simulation calculation, the energy consumption of the building can be reduced by 80%-90% compared with the current national energy consumption standard;

    Environmental benefits

    High-efficient insulation system and electromechanical system are the main technologies for achieving passive ultra-low energy green buildings. After the project is completed, it can effectively reduce the consumption of fossil energy, alleviate the pressure of energy shortage, reduce the emission of pollutants such as CO2, and achieve friendly symbiosis between people, buildings and the environment.

    Social benefit

    The implementation of passive ultra-low-energy green building routes will establish a modern corporate image that focuses on the earth's resources, protects the environment, and returns the society. Integrate green buildings, low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction into corporate culture, improve employees' sense of social responsibility, and enhance the overall image of the company. By implementing passive ultra-low-energy green buildings, the improvement of building quality, energy efficiency, staff comfort, and people-oriented considerations will make the company's brand more easily recognized by the public. Excellent brand image is conducive to the long-term development of the company.

    Meanwhile, users gain a higher level of comfort experience through the use of passive buildings at cost savings. This makes the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction popular among the population, promotes the whole society to establish a good trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, reduces resource consumption and environmental pollution, and realizes harmonious coexistence between human beings and the environment.



    黄岛区中德生态园 , 266000 青岛市 中国

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