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The MOOC Green Building at the intersection of energy and digital transitions

Published 17 Jan 2017

As the first Green Building MOOCs both dedicated to sustainable renovation, start in France, Catherine Mongenet of France Université (...)

Capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, about to access cleaner water

Published 16 Jan 2017

The Awani party has returned to power, in 2014, for the third time in the person of Sheikh Hasani. It is now tackling one of Banglades (...)

Respiratory illnesses cost European Governments 82 billion Euros per year

Published 16 Jan 2017

The research from Fraunhofer IBP reveals the socio-economic costs of asthma and COPD, which are proven effects also of living in damp (...)

Building case Studies

Rural house - CNERIB

Published 19 Nov 2016

pilot case made by a research center under the Ministry of Housing. The purpose of this project is to replicate the experience through (...)

City Residential El Riyadh - Oran

Published 19 Nov 2016

First program the Companies Group Hasnaoui supports the territory of Oran, El Ryad is a property development project which covers a (...)

African Development Bank (BMCE)

Published 19 Jul 2016

The project involves the realization of BMCE Academy, located bouskoura. This project consists of a set of training rooms, a reception (...)

City case Studies

Forcalquier Historic Eco-District

Published 25 Jul 2016

Project BackgroundPresentation of the municipalityForcalquier has just under 5 000 inhabitants. However, this small town is a real (...)

Montévrain Eco-District

Published 25 Jul 2016

The Montevrain Eco-District, a showcase for sustainable development The Montévrain eco-district is located south of the town of Montév (...)

Energy Pôle Saint-Ouen Docks

Published 08 Jul 2016

The challenges of this project was to develop a plan to guide the transformation of the Energy Division of the docks of St Ouen in (...)

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