Sustainable Construction Grand Prize winner of the #GBCSAwards 2016: Mauges Public Highschool (France)

The Mauges Public High School is born from a 50-year fight by local activists for secular education in the Mauges region. It is the first education building built by the 2012 French thermal regulation (RT 2012) aiming for the positive energy building standard.

To reach environmental and energy performances required by the HQE certification (High Environmental Quality) and by the BEPOS label (Positive Energy Building), the Mauges Public High School deploys various solutions:

  • a bioclimatic atrium with the biggest canadian well in France (28,000m3/h),
  • heat pumps air/water for heating production,
  • photovoltaic panels for electricity production,
  • a specific solar rug/heat pump system,
  • green roofs,
  • a BMS to optimise all the systems.

Beyond the energy efficiency, a great care was given to the comfort of students and teachers. The building uses natural and healthy materials, favours sources of daylight and natural ventilation.

  • Contractor : Région Pays de Loire
  • Designer : Epicuria Architectes
  • Engineering consultancy: Bérim, AGI2D
  • Construction company: Eiffage Construction
  • Address :Beaupréau, France

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Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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