REGENERATION 64 hours european competition | Third edition

26Apr 2017

Macro Design Studio in collaboration with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and the Living Building Challenge Collaborative: Italy is proud to organize REGENERATION, the third edition, the European design competition entirely based on the LBC protocol.

It is possible to find all the information about REGENERATION on the webpage:


It is a design workshop in which three teams composed of young professionals are called to develop a project of sustainable requalification of an existing public building for the local community. Each team should respond to specific requirements defined in the announcement. Integrative design, synergistic development of the project and sharing of expertise are necessary prerogatives to tackle this challenge. The purpose of the competition is to show the best sustainable regeneration project for the existing building in terms of architecture, energy efficiency, livability and relationships with social, urban and natural context.


Centrale Fies (Dro – Trento, Italy) is a center for the creation and production of contemporary art including performing art, exhibit, site specific, video and any form of live performance and of events such as festivals, exposition and shows; but it is also a very unique location equipped to host corporate meetings, round-table conferences and workshops.

Centrale Fies is the physical place where the competition will take place and is the home hosting the teams for their stay on site.


REGENERATION will take place at Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento - Italy), on April 26th to 29th, 2017.


  • 15 graduates with technical or environmental degree, and with professional licence
  • teams: 5 participants each team
  • age under 35 years
  • from European Union member countries
  • the team can work only inside the dedicated spaces
  • 3 tutors at teams’ disposal
  • 1 international Jury

Teams are composed by single participants. Every contestant will contribute with his own background and vision to the achievement of the project objectives. Teams have to develop each project following the guidelines of the Living Building Challenge standard, version 3.0.


Selection of 15 young participants is open!

Everyone can send the Application Form through REGENERATION webpage. The deadline is January 31st 2017.

Official language: English.

For more information visit the Macro Design Studio website or join the REGENERATION group on Facebook.

Send us your Application Form! Do you want to regenerate with us? Spread the word!

 Centrale Fies | 38074 Dro (TN) Italia     26/04 - 29/04/2017

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  •   Agenda
  •  Centrale Fies | 38074 Dro (TN) Italia     26/04 - 29/04/2017

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